Alberta, Canada Fly-In Fishing adventures

Welcome to North Leland Lake Camps

NEW FOR 2017 SEASON….  SPRING BLACK BEAR HUNTS!!!  Check out our rates page for pricing.



Our camp package is for a Self Guided Fishing experience.  Explore the beauty and remote wilderness of the Canadian Shield on your terms…..We provide everyone with a map and as much guidance as they would like, and then you are off!  You set the pace with unlimited  access to the boats, nearly 24 hours of daylight ( for our spring/ summer guests) and your own private accommodations.



Our camp is located in the extreme North East corner of Alberta Canada. There are no roads, no cut lines, no pollution, no stress. We are situated on a Canadian Shield  lake that goes down to depths of 180 ft deep, with crystal clear, blue water.  An Outdoorsman’s playground, we encourage you to come and enjoy more than just the great fishing our lake has to offer. Take the kayaks out for a paddle, photograph the eagles, and soak in the 2 hour plus sunsets. As the Owners and Managers of the camp we look forward to greeting each guest at the dock when the plane arrives, and seeing that when you board the plane to leave you cannot wait to come back.

Kevin and Crystal Wood.