Yearly Camp Upgrades

Well the 2016 season has ended…..  unfortunately many of the upgrades we hoped for this year did not happen.  We did bring up our new addition to the lake with us this year, making Casey the youngest person to visit the camp at 2 and 1/2 months old!

New for 2017 we are excited to offer a spring black bear hunt!!!   And NEW MOTORS!!!!!

Also looking forward to our new cabin being completed, as well as the 2 person guest cabin being completed.  All of 2016 additions are still on the list for next years projects.

Hopeful additions for 2016 season:
Finish new cabin
Spruce up interior of cabin 2
Get the small cabin ready for guest groups of 2 to 3
Install a boat cleaning ramp
Build a little store for water, tackle, pop, non-perishables for guests to purchase to help bring down overweight charges……

2014 season upgrades:
Rebuilt the stairs on the outhouse
Rebuilt the deck and stairs on cabin 2
Brought in full size fridges for cabin 2 and 3
Brought in inverter system for 24 hr power ( still a work in progress)
Got NWT fishing licenses for sale at the lake
Got a new cabin built to lock-up

New from 2013.  Lifted cabin 2 and re-blocked.  Upgrading from bar fridges to full size fridges in cabins 2 and 3. Going to 24 hour power.  working on getting northwest territory fishing licenses to sell at camp ( keep in touch for more info)

Always open to upgrade ideas and enjoy getting feedback from our guests on how to improve their stay at North Leland Lake Camps.